Domador de Huellas

SSC1233 2010-08-10

Track List

Domador de huellas - 3:06
Zamba de la viuda - 6:09
Chacarera del zorro - 3:25
Coplas del regreso - 8:02
La Pomeƒa - 4:16
Zamba de Lozano - 4:24
De solo estar - 3:16
Me voy quedando - 3:28
Cartas de amor que se queman - 6:03
Maturana - 4:09
Serenata del 900 - 9:05
Carnavalito del duende - 5:54
Zamba del carnaval - 5:41
La Mulanima - 4:50


Richard Nant - trumpet, percussion
Juan Cruz de Urquiza - trumpet
Gustavo Musso - tenor saxophone
Martin Pantyrer - clarinet, bass clarinet
Esteban Sehinkman - rhodes
Matias Mendez - bass -electric
Guillermo Klein - piano, vocals
Lilliana Herrero - vocals
Carme Canela - vocals
Daniel ""Pipi"" Piazzola - drums
Ben Monder - guitar
Roman Giudice - vocals, percussion

"Domador de huellas = Tamer of footprints
The tamer with his know-how turns the wild animal docile, however the reference that touches the name of this work is not the animal but its footprint. A footprint is the remaining mark. It's a memory that is saved and coded. It's necessary to touch it, get with it, work it, so it can throw us just a little of its truth. Klein has touched Cuchi's footprint, he's interpreted it; he has decoded it to re-codify it under it under the rhythms of his pen, finding the intimate code that he gives us here. Cuchi was a tender footprint tamer, I imagine him happy, he would know how to listen to what is cooking here."


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