The Seasons of Being

SSC1482 2018-09-28

Track List

Surge & Splendor - 6:54
The Cusp - 4:53
The Guardian - 5:57
Scotopia - 5:27
Satanama - 4:26
Three-Way Mirror - 9:20
Ancestree - 5:32
Luminescense - 3:27
Capturing the Castle - 5:39


Andy Milne - piano
Aaron Kruziki - soprano sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, douduk
John Moon - vocals
Christopher Tordini - acoustic - electric bass
Kenny Grohowski - drums

An oft-repeated piece of musical lore states that the great composer/arranger Duke Ellington wrote music specifically for the individuals in his orchestra. His knowledge of their musical lineage, strengths and weaknesses allowed him to customize parts for each voice. Pianist and composer Andy Milne takes this principle a step further on his new recording, The Seasons of Being. Applying the principles of homeopathic diagnosis, Milne generates an optimized environment for improvisation for his long running Dapp Theory ensemble and a host of special guests.