Time Will Tell

SSC1715 2024-04-01

Track List

Purity of Heart - 6:16
Lost and Found - 4:33
Papounet - 5:26
Beyond the Porcelain Door - 6:48
Solotude - 1:45
Kumoi Joshi - 8:14
No Matter What - 4:57
Broken Landscape - 5:26
Lost and Found - 8:32
Apart - 6:42


Andy Milne - piano
John Hebert - bass
Clarence Penn - drums
Ingrid Laubrock - tenor saxophone
Yoko Reikano Kimura - koto

Pianist and composer, Andy Milne is thrilled to present Time Will Tell, a new album recorded with his trio Unison dropping April 26, 2024, on Sunnyside Records. Milne’s latest collaboration with bassist John Hébert and drummer Clarence Penn is a sparkling exploration of identity and destiny, showcasing Milne’s ever-evolving craft. It follows the trio’s The ReMission (2020), winner of Jazz Album of the Year: Group at the 2021 Juno Awards.

As with its predecessor, Time Will Tell is Milne’s artistic response to life-changing circumstances. Whereas The ReMission was inspired by his cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, Time Will Tell chronicles his lifelong efforts to uncover his birth family history. Adopted as an infant, his efforts to connect with his birth family proved fruitless – until 2018, when the gift of an Ancestry.com DNA test from his wife, singer La Tanya Hall, changed everything.

A DNA match led him to his first cousin, Marc, with whom he discovered he shared a mutual friend. Ironically, just as world events collided with the COVID-19 lockdowns, the profound mysteries of his biological family began to rapidly reveal themselves.

“In 2022, my voyage eventually received an unimaginable upgrade when I finally met my birth mother,” he recounts. “This recording reflects part of my expedition navigating the mixed emotions associated with this identity paradox. How we move through life, and the lives we will touch, is unknown to us, despite our best efforts to chart a path.”

While he says the new album shouldn’t be taken as a pound-for-pound musical account of these experiences, the journey inspired and informed his process.

“I realized my compositions were a subconscious reflection of my experience,” says Milne, who is also an assistant professor of music at the University of Michigan. “I met my birth mother days before I composed a lot of this music, and quickly recognized that this would be a significant throughline in those pieces. I essentially allowed it to flow and envelop my process.”

The notion of “family” extends to Milne’s artistic approach, in terms of his commitment to honoring relationships, building community and blending musical languages. This is heart-wrenchingly expressed in the track “Lost and Found.” It reveals his personal mission -- both in title and his plaintive performance – and introduces a new texture to Unison’s soundscape in the koto of virtuoso Yoko Reikano Kimura. She can be heard on three other tracks on Time Will Tell.