Benign Strangers

SSC1517 2018-07-27

Track List

Benign Strangers - 6:27
In This Balance Of Time - 5:56
Dim - 6:06
Subconscious Partner - 5:14
Unimagined Virtues - 7:02
Shady Shores - 6:26
Hiraeth - 5:34
Polly Pulse - 6:03
The Heights - 5:26
29th Road - 5:30


Davy Mooney - guitar
John Ellis - saxophone
Glenn Zaleski- piano
Matt Clohesy - acoustic bass
Ko Omura - drums

The world is remarkable in that people from far off places and different walks of life can have an immediate, dramatic impact on each other after meeting just once. The notion of meeting a newcomer who embraces new people and ideas but also freely puts forth his own ideas is the theme of guitarist Davy Mooney and drummer Ko Omura’s new recording, Benign Strangers. // During the brutal cold of January 2018, Mooney and Omura met in New York City to record with a small ensemble. It was a warm, reunion-like atmosphere in the studio, as Mooney had long friendships with all involved. But apart from pianist Glenn Zaleski, it was the first time Omura had met the assembled cast, which included John Ellis, bassist Matt Clohesy and engineer Michael Perez-Cisneros.