Hope of Home

SSC1463 2017-02-10

Track List

Scarlatina - 5:38
Ides of April - 6:19
Cold, Sober - 6:33
Hope of Home - 6:12
Think So Little of Me - 6:08
I’ll Be Freeing You - 4:57
Stutter Step - 6:23
Peregrine - 6:22
Intervalis - 5:33
The Clover - 6:25
Like Before - 2:57


Davy Mooney - guitar, vocals
John Ellis - tenor saxophone , clarinet
Jon Cowherd - piano
Matt Clohesy - bass
Brian Blade - drums

Guitarist Davy Mooney left his home of New Orleans in 2005 as Hurricane Katrina loomed. He left his newly acquired house and eventually settled into life away, mainly off and on, for six years in the jazz capital of the world, New York City. In 2013, Mooney moved back with his wife, balancing the anxiety of leaving New York and getting acclimated once again with his hometown. His new Hope of Home showcases Mooney’s efforts to integrate his New York and New Orleans personalities in a moving, musical fashion.