Perrier Street

SSC1303 2012-03-27

Track List

Perrier St - 6:28
First World Death March - 6:24
Miles Between - 6:51
All of Her - 5:29
Swingset - 6:58
Central Supply - 6:25
Crimson - 6:31
Phelia - 8:15
Once Was True - 7:05
Last Days - 6:30


Davy Mooney - guitar, vocals
John Ellis - tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Gordon Au - trumpet
Jon Cowherd - piano
Johnaye Kendrick - vocals
Matt Clohesy - acoustic bass
Brian Blade - drums

Like most New Orleans natives, guitarist/vocalist Davy Mooney has a special tie with his hometown. Through ups and downs, his experiences in the city have groomed him and have remained an important part of his development, both musically and emotionally. Mooney pays tribute to all that New Orleans has given him on his new recording, Perrier Street (Sunnyside, Mar. 2012). The program blends elements of folk and jazz and features some talented contributors, including saxophonist John Ellis, pianist Jon Cowherd and drummer Brian Blade.