The Painted Lady Suite

SSC1519 2018-06-22

Track List

The Painted Lady Suite: Transformation in the Deserts Of Mexico - 6:16
The Painted Lady Suite: The Silent Swarm Over El Paso - 4:29
The Painted Lady Suite: The Experimental Forest, North Dakota - 8:54
The Painted Lady Suite: Countdown to Saskatchewan - 4:58
The Painted Lady Suite: The Arctic Circle - 7:02
The Painted Lady Suite: 1500 Feet Above the Sahara (Night) - 5:33
The Painted Lady Suite: 1500 Feet Above the Sahara (Day) - 3:24
In the Kingdom of M.Q. - 5:12
Music Your Grandparents Would Like - 5:40
The Girl From Udaipur - 6:55


Donny McCaslin - tenor saxophone
Michael Leonhart - trumpet
Sam Sadigursky - tenor
Nels Cline - guitar
Jamie Leonhart - voice
Homer Steinweiss - drums
Pauline Kim - viola
Matt Bauder - alto
Ray Mason - trombone
Dave Guy - trumpet
Charles Pillow - bass clarinet
Jason Marshall - baritone
Ian Hendrickson-Smith - baritone
Jay Leonhart - acoustic bass
Michael Leonhart Orchestra - Orchestra

The Painted Lady Butterfly is a remarkable and mysterious little creature. Its flamboyant coloration and wing ornamentation makes it one of the world’s most beautiful insects. But, it is its incredible migration, which spans over 9,000 miles and six generations, that makes it so intriguing. The journey of these miniscule travelers inspired trumpeter/composer Michael Leonhart to write and record his Painted Lady Suite for the Michael Leonhart Orchestra (MLO).