Toast of the Nation

SSC1594 2020-04-24

Track List

Electric Relaxation - 3:48
Untouchables - 4:32


Michael Leonhart Orchestra - Orchestra

Who is Jswiss- To his many acquired fans, he also brings a fresh and much needed, variant perspective to the current hip hop landscape. His brand of hip-hop, reflective of his vast musical influences and life experiences is infused with a heavy dose of what he calls “awthenticity.” As SWISS, who grew up in the quaint New York suburb of Dobbs Ferry, explains it, “How I live my life and in my music, I strive to be the greatest me, I can be. Not anyone else. So I seek to encourage others through my music to be ‘authentic’ and leave people in ‘awe’ of how true to yourself you are. That’s being AWTHENTIC.”