Singular Awakening

SSC1505 2018-04-27

Track List

Here Comes Everybody - 5:05
Shining Lights - 5:23
Insist on Something Sometimes - 3:32
A First Memory - 4:12
Mini's Can-Do Club - 5:10
PolterGinnis - 4:03
O'Flaherty Decides to Play Jazz - 3:54
Beau Nivea - 3:17
Shockinawe - 1:56
Slow Dance in a Whisper - 3:58
For Elise - 3:49
Bite Your Grandmother - 5:33


Mike McGinnis - soprano saxophone
Art Lande - piano
Steve Swallow - electric bass

Mike McGinnis realized his dream of recording and releasing an album with two of his musical heroes in 2017. The recording, Recurring Dream, featured the saxophonist/clarinetist/composer alongside two legends of jazz and creative music (also his mentors and friends), pianist Art Lande and electric bassist Steve Swallow. Both Lande and Swallow are well known for their compositional expertise, so McGinnis made sure to include original compositions from them both. // The three musicians also have a penchant for thoughtful and eclectic approaches toward improvisation. McGinnis wanted to capture the both sides of this trio, the formal compositional and the more free, but equally focused, improvisational identities. The trio’s new recording Singular Awakening was culled from the same session as the original recording but features eight brilliant improvised pieces bookended by compositions written by either Lande or Swallow.