Recurring Dream

SSC1431 2017-04-21

Track List

Mel's Drive In - 7:53
Circle Dance - 1:34
The Rising - 9:17
Hearth - 7:50
Constantinople - 7:39
Bend Over Backwards - 6:48
Amazing - 9:21
Drat Recurring Dream (Darn That Gream) - 10:00


Mike McGinnis - clarinet, saxophone
Art Lande - piano
Steve Swallow - electric bass

The romantic dream of many aspiring jazz musicians is to sail into New York City, drawn by the magnetism of the metropolis, and to seek an apprenticeship amongst the heroes and legends of the music. It isn’t often that these dreams come true, but for saxophonist/clarinetist/composer Mike McGinnis they did in his friendship and collaboration, with jazz legends Art Lande and Steve Swallow, showcased on the trio’s Recurring Dream.