Canta Brasil

SSC3005 2002-10-29

Track List

Zumbi - 9:13
Clouds - 10:09
Paraty - 7:29
Until Then - 7:11
Bachiao - 7:30
Thoughts And Dreams - 4:26
Dona Maria - 6:11
This One - 6:20


Kenny Barron - piano
Nilson Matta - bass
Duduka da Fonseca - drums
Romero Lubambo - acoustic guitar
Anne Drummond - flute, valtinho, percussion
Maucha Adnet - vocals

The Best of Latin Jazz in a sensational CD. Kenny Barron's Canta Brasil. Six-time Grammy nominee Kenny Barron explores jazz- oriented Brazilian rhythms with flutist Anne Drummond and Brazil's Trio da Paz including bassist Nilson Matta, drummer Duduka DaFonesca, and guitarist extraordinaire Romero Lubambo.


Canta Brasil is pianist Kenny Barron's most intensive exploration of Brazilian music since 1993's Grammy-nominated Sambao, and it is unquestionably one of the finest marriages of a North American jazz musician and a Latin rhythm section I've ever heard.

Barron's principle accomplices are Trio Da Paz, a Brazilian rhythm section he discovered while they were playing a regular coffehouse gig in NYC. He incorporated them into his act, adding flautist Anne Drummond and percussionist Valtinho to the bass, drums and acoustic guitar (contributed by Nilson Matta, Duduka Da Fonseca and Romero Lubambo respectively) of Trio Da Paz. Together, they've played the club and festival circuit as Kenny Barron's Canta Brasil, and that experience as a working band rather than a studio project is a major factor in the success of this album.

The disc features five tracks composed by Barron for the ensemble, along with one from each member of Trio Da Paz. Barron is generous both as a composer and performer, providing copious room for his compatriots to display their talents. In fact, while Barron's name is on the cover, the enduring impression I come away from the album with is the marriage of Lubambo's guitar and Drummond's flute, although there are impressive contributions and solos from all of the players.

Kenny Barron is widely respected as one of the most creative and consistent mainstream players, and this outstanding effort can only enhance that reputation.

Turiya Mareya , Jazz Review

Pianist and Composer Kenny Barron has been described as “Ubiquitous.” He has the unique ability to tap into the Universal element of any musical situation and still retain his own voice and Jazz sensibilities while adapting himself to stylistic differences. But his experience with Brazilian music seems to be much more than a stylistic adaptation and more in the vein of a love affair. There is a place in the heart of Samba where Barron makes himself completely at home. “Canta Brasil” is his second release of Brazilian Music after a decade ,his first was "Samboa", recorded in 1993. This project began with a chance encounter with what has been described as “Brazil’s Greatest Trio” - Trio da Paz “ who features Drummer Duduka Da Fonesca, Bassist Nilson Matta and Guitarist Romero Lubambo. Sensing the musical possibilities and feeling a deep affinity with these master musicians, Barron assembled another New York based Brazilian Percussionist, Valtinho and newcomer Annie Drummond on Flute to record “Canta Brasil.”
Kenny Barron wrote 4 tracks and Duduka Da Fonesca and Nilson Matta also contributed originals. The writing on all tracks is exceptional using not only Samba and Bossa Nova feels but also Baiao, which come from the North of Brazil and references from Candomble. But this is Jazz still in spirit and the rhythms blend and meld themselves so that that the two traditions create a new one, just as two separate lives become one in the best of marriages. This is not “Tipico” or an authentic rendering of the Brazilian rhythmic traditions, but great musicians bringing their art and meeting in a place where the new and unexpected can happen.

Kenny Barron is the master of Swing and every note does just that. There was little information available about Flautist Annie Drummond except that she was a student of Barron's. She has a unique and personal tone that fits perfectly with the organic, earthy sound of this CD. All of the musicians phrase together and support each other beautifully. Bassist Nilson Matta, who plays Acoustic Bass, delivers both plucked and Bowed solos and overall renders a fat, dark, lovely tone. Romero Lumbambo is playing acoustic guitar and is a formidable improviser as well as a virtuoso. Duduka and Valtinho provide a percussive world that floats, dances and breathes.

Every cut of “Canta Brasil” is a classic. This is music you can live with and return to. This is Kenny Barron at his best and obviously having a wonderful time. There is great artistry here, great music full of soul and warmth, the sensual, tropical world of Brazil alive and well in the cement mountains of Manhattan. Kenny Barron has spent a lifetime perfecting his art and has attained a level of mastery where everything seems effortless and right. It is a privilege to hear him in an environment where he can relax and gift us with his musical heart.
Shaun Dale.