The Traveler

SSC3079 2008-08-26

Track List

The Traveler - 7:08
Clouds - 7:03
Speed Trap - 7:38
Um Beijo - 6:12
The First Year - 6:16
Illusion - 6:31
Duet - 6:20
Phantoms - 9:15
Calypso - 6:40
Memories Of You - 5:47


Kenny Barron - piano
Kiyoshi Kitagawa - acoustic bass
Francisco Mela - drums
Lionel Loueke - guitar
Steve Wilson - soprano saxophone
Grady Tate - vocals
Ann Hampton Calloway - vocals
Gretchen Parlato - vocals

"With ""The Traveler"" Kenny Barron offers us an album of ballads that are both timeless, and subtly new, in the soft manner in which he slips imperceptibly between one mood and another.
Beneath its apparent eclecticism, ""The Traveler"", finally, is perhaps the most personal, most accomplished record ever released by Kenny Barron. It is a masterpiece from a poet of ellipses and insinuation, and it brims with elegance and melancholy; without a doubt, in this decidedly lavish world, it opens out onto even more horizons.
With all his senses on the alert, Barron allows the mood of the album to drift unnoticeably towards other, more sensually contemporary territories, thereby providing the finest example of the incredible adaptability that is still the heart of his genius: that unique way of allowing himself to be carried into the universe of the musicians he accompanies—and those accompanying him—while the music, not even for a moment, never ceases to belong to him."


Best of 2008 on NPR : Vijay Iyer and Kenny Barron both were chosen for the " Geniuses collide in 2008's Best Jazz" while Moss was included in the "The 10th Annual CD, Er, MP3 Gift Guide" and Francesco Tristano figures in the selection for "WNYC's Genre Mix: Top 10 Albums Of 2008".

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Congratulations to Kenny Barron for his album "The Traveler" that George Kanzler (Hot House, JazzTimes, All About Jazz—New York) selected in their top 10 of 2008 for the Village Voice critics poll.