Kenny Barron & the Brazilian Knights

SSC3093 2013-06-18

Track List

Rapaz De Bem - 6:04
Ja Era - 4:48
Ilusao A Toa - 7:11
So Por Amor - 11:14
Curta Metragem - 5:07
Nos - 6:58
Triste - 5:33
Sonia Braga - 7:16
Tristeza De Nos Dois - 7:59
Chorinho Carioca - 4:15
Sao Conrado - 7:07

ITunes exclusive :
Phantoms - 8:49
É Só Amar- alternate take - 7:54
É Só Amar (with strings) - 7:54
Nós- alternate take - 7:04
Ilusão à Toa- alternate take - 7:14
São Conrado - alternate take - 7:12


Kenny Barron - piano
Sergio Barroso - bass
Rafael Barata - drums
Mauricio Einhorn - harmonica
Idriss Boudrioua - alto saxophone
Lula Galvao - guitar - acoustic
Claudio Roditi - flugelhorn, trumpet

That June 10th 2012 in Rio was like a dream come true: imagine recording Kenny (on his birthday) with people I consider to be the best jazz musicians in Brazil! It was an event I’d had in mind for years. For one thing, aside from being a great friend, Kenny is my favourite pianist, ever since his early days with Yusef Lateef and Dizzy Gillespie… I knew Kenny loved Brazilian music; he’d played it with Dizzy, and he’d done several great albums including one with the Trio da Paz – Duduka da Fonseca, Nilson Matta, Romero Lubambo –, The Brazilian Knights… of New York! And another thing: my Brazilian friends Mauricio Einhorn, Idriss Boudrioua, Alberto Chimelli and Lula Galvão all dreamed that one day they’d be playing with their idol Kenny Barron.
I remember suggesting this to Kenny over a nice lunch at the steak house in Jazz@ Lincoln Center. Another great Brazilian producer was present, Estevão Herman, an incredible jazz-collector, and we talked about recording in Rio with the best local musicians... Kenny knew and had already heard some of the musicians we wanted on the session: Lula Galvão and Idriss Boudrioua. Both were present at that memorable concert during the ‘99 Bern Jazz Festival, when Claudio Roditi and I organized the first concert in Europe of singer Rosa Passos (not to mention the participation of Paquito D’Rivera and Raul de Souza!) Kenny knew Mauricio and his famous compositions of course. The unknowns were Sergio, a bass player from Rio who’s played with everybody, and Rafael, who represents the young drumming-style of Brazil. I must say that Kenny’s answer was very simple and definitive: «Yes, I want to do it!»
Another major element in this project was the contribution of a dear friend of mine, Alberto Chimelli, a pianist/composer/arranger. How frustrating: Alberto is an incredible piano-player, he was the anchorjust listen to the swinging lines developed by Sergio on bass. Rafael Barata is the rising star of drumming in Rio, and a regular player with many stars in Brazil. He’s part of the rhythm-section with pianist and singer Eliane Elias, and it’s a pleasure to hear his unique percussion and fills throughout this record.
When it comes to Brazilian Jazz, there is nothing like recording on the spot. Kenny and the Knights had a ball bringing you this music full of joy and emotions. Listen to it, drink it, eat it like a fruit from Brazil…..without any moderation!
Jacques Muyal,
June 2012