O Universo Musical de Baden Powell

SSC3016 2003-07-08

Track List

Berimbau - 3:01
Garota De Ipanema - 2:59
Deve Ser Amor - 3:52
Samba Triste - 6:28
Jesus Alegria Dos Homens - 4:21
Folha Morta - 4:20
Formosa - 2:48
Vou Deitar I Rolar- 5:37
Dora - 3:03
Ingenuo - 5:30
Pai - 5:01
Maritima - 4:38
Choro Para Metronomo - 2:58
Mais Ne Rigole Pas - 1:55
Xango - 5:30
Samba De Aviao - 3:08
A Primera Vez - 1:45
Eu Vim De Baia - 5:08
Feitinha Pro Poeta - 3:19
Canto De Ossanha - 5:20
Saudades De Marcia - 3:18
Round About Midnight - 4:33
Asa Branca - 4:43
Samba Em Preludio - 4:37
Samba Do Pintinho - 4:31
Coisa No 1 - 3:01
Discussao - 4:00
Amelia - 3:59
Samba De Bencao - 9:02


Arthur Motta - drums
Guy Pedersen - bass
Luis Agudo - percussion
Janine de Waleyne - vocals
Jorge G. Rezende - percussion
Hélio Schiavo - drums
Luigi Trussardi - bass
Jorge Arena - percussion
Billy Nencioli - vocals
Jean Arpino - drums
Nelson Serra DeCastro - drums
Andre Arpino - drums
Baden Powell - vocals, guitar
Alfredo Bessa - vocals, percussion
Pierre-Alain Dahan - drums
Michel Gaudry - bass
Ivan Jullien - conductor, trumpet
Sam Kelly - percussion
Stephane Grappelli - violin
Daniel Humair - drums

This double CD travels through Baden Powell's composite musical universe, with some compositions that are among the most beautiful taken from his albums of the 1960s (on Barclay) and the '70s (on Festival). In this repertoire, one can recognize the artist's stamp, as well as the spirit and house sound of Barclay, then Festival. Thus Baden Powell, as perfectionistic in his playing as he was indifferent to the outcome of his recordings, left his producers with complete freedom after the fact


Throughout these multifarious works, featuring Powell performing solo guitar and with various ensembles, the listener is provided with a radiant glimpse of his virtuosity and depth. On various works, Powell melds a distinct sense of classicism with buoyancy and sophistication. Sure, bossa nova and samba-based rhythms are firmly rooted within his palate. Yet, Powell's insightful ability to step out of preconceived boundaries becomes apparent from the opening moments of disc one. His delicate plucking and strumming are augmented by his penchant for injecting a driving force into many of these compositions, featuring the inherent rhythmic elements of Brazilian music. He performs with horns and strings on certain tracks, amid endeavors with standard rhythm sections and percussionists.
Regardless, Powell's artisanship is partly founded upon the jubilance and festive-like environs of a Brazilian carnival. He molds the tried and true into a deeply personalized methodology, witnessed by his rhythmically complex renditions of Monk's "'Round About Midnight" and other works. Sadly, Powell's severe alcoholism took its toll, resulting in his death in 2000. ~ Glenn Astarita, All Music Guide