Canta Vinicius de Moraes

SSC3038 2006-02-21

Track List

Sincopado Triste - 02:42
Labaréda - 05:19
Linda Baiana - 02:43
Cavalo Marinho - 09:59
Samba De Bênçào - 15:03
É De Lei - 03:57
Cancioneiro - 04:07
Figa De Guiné - 09:28
FAlei E Disse - 03:16
Bezouro Manganga - 03:07


Raymond Guiot - flute
Raymond Katarzynski - trombone
Baden Powell - guitar, vocal
Luigi Trusardi - bass
Andre Arpino - drums
Sam Kelly, Nilton Marcelino, Vilson
Vasconcelos - percussions

Baden Powell was a genius, although versatile, and also a fighter, although vulnerable, and his career reached both the summit and the deepest abyss. The peaks were often reached by the grace of some exceptional encounters. The reed needed a stake to support it, and among those who carried the artist were his two main musical partners, Vinicius de Moraes in the Sixties and Paolo César Pinheiro in the Seventies; with them, Baden Powell wrote the best of his work.
Vinicius de Moraes, a poet and a diplomat before becoming the most innovative of the bossa nova lyricists, the creator of a new way of writing in Brazilian song, was already a celebrity when he met the guitarist, then a promising beginner. Vinicius de Moraes had the soul of a Pygmalion and took the young man under his protective wing. Baden took refuge there.
The musical prolixity of these two comrades lasted a decade, and then their inspiration suffered a complete drought. Their union had come to an end, and each turned to new partners, new ventures; the guitar of Toquinho replaced that of Baden alongside Vinicius.
The story took on a kind of shift in reverse when the young lyricist Paolo César Pinheiro was taken under Baden Powell’s protective wing, and a new decade of great creativity dawned. With his new partner, Baden’s attraction to music from before Bossa Nova became even clearer. Unlike Vinicius de Moraes, the young writer belonged to the same social milieu as Baden Powell: two decades later, he’d been raised in the same neighbourhoods, visited the same bars, and taken part in the same rodas de samba (meetings between samba players) as Baden Powell. His music was that of the people, and he brimmed over with inspiration.