From Darkness

SSC4616 2015-03-31

Track List

1. Beyond
2. Abie
3. Halelyah
4. C#-
5. Ballad for an Unborn
6. From Darkness
7. Lost Tribe
8. Almah Sleeping
9. Signature
10. Amethyst
11. Smile


Avishai Cohen - bass
Nitai Hershkovits - piano
Daniel Dor - drums

From Darkness sees the Israeli composer, bassist and singer Avishai Cohen go back to the very core of his musical idiom and activity, but with Avishai, what may seem as a return to the basics always brings the promise of a new beginning. From Darkness once again opens an essential gateway into a new creative and expressive dimension. "It is the first time since Gently Disturbed that I have the feeling I am reaching a new, fresh and incredibly substantial form with the trio." A belief reinforced by two outstanding partners, pianist Nitai Hershkovits and drummer Daniel Dor. "Both Nitai and Daniel take my music to places and perspectives that I had never suspected it would go and I couldn't dream of anything better." Avishai goes on to describe this chemistry between them as; "Here, three becomes one."