SSC1373 2013-08-13

Track List

Criss Cross - 03:46
Four Verses / Continuation - 03:50
Soof - 03:54
All of You - 04:25
Central Park West - 04:44
Ann's Tune - 04:06
Calm - 03:22
Ballad for an Unborn - 02:29
Signature - 02:56


Avishai Cohen - bass
Nitai Hershkovits - piano

""The first time I heard Nitai, it was in a little café in downtown Tel Aviv, Nico, in my neighbourhood. They often have little concerts, but that afternoon, I was immediately hooked by the trio's pianist, and how he played. Ideas with a beat, subtle harmonies, the likes of which I hadn't heard for a long time. I had to work with him.""

Avishai Cohen literally fell for Nitai Hershkovits : barely 20 and despite a cheapo keyboard the youngster reminded him of Chick Corea and Danilo Perez, two illustrious peers the double bass player had been lucky enough to play with.""Nitai just swings naturally, with gentle authority; I've rarely seen that with other young pianists. He has something ancient within, a spirit that shines right through the way he tackles standards. You have to know your classics inside out, and love them, to tease the wonder out of them : no point just going over the same old ground, you have to do your own take, make them part of you. Nitai brings a fresh touch, reminding me of Brad Melhdau, without actually making any comparison. He has the same intent of making each song his own. He made me want to go back again to the story I thought was over.""
“With jazz especially, the older you get the better you put your finger on it. You play fewer notes but project your voice further. Once it's all there, you have to go for your options, erase, to hone the message. This duo illustrates this perfectly. We just recorded our expressions, without any artefacts or acting the virtuoso. Talking with our hearts, not our fingers."