Seven Seas

SSC1294 2011-08-30

Track List

Dreaming - 2:52
About A Tree (Oyfn Weg Shteyt A Boym) - 6:53
Seven Seas - 5:24
Halah - 5:50
Staav - 3:33
Ani Aff - 4:34
Worksong - 2:45
Hayo Hayta - 6:23
Two Roses (Shnei Shoshanim) - 5:25
Tres Hermanicas Eran - 3:34


Avishai Cohen - vocals, acoustic bass, piano
Shai Maestro - vocals
Amos Hoffman - oud, guitar - electric
Itamar Doari - percussion
Jeny Nilson - vocals
Jimmy Greene - tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
Lars Nilsson - flugelhorn
Bjorn Samuelsson - trombone
Bjorn Bholin - english horn

Now one of the most popular jazz players of the past decade, Avishai Cohen takes his artistic approach to its zenith,with Seven Seas. Featuring nursery rhymes, lullabies and suites in which heroic inspiration and symphonics abound. Seven Seas plunges us into a fabulous sound voyage, in which understatement and magnitude play a neverending game of ping-pong, a trip that easily transposes to the silver screen. Once you get past the opening credits dripping in joyful nostalgia, you steer past isles of rhythm and continents of sound, winding up with a traditional piano ladino with Cohen's intense vocals.


Nice review in the Dec. 2011 issue of JazzTimes!

Philip Booth, JazzTimes - December 2011 read the full article