Hush Point

SSC1358 2013-05-21

Track List

Iranic - 5:28
Peachful - 6:13
B. Remembered - 5:40
Bar Talk - 3:32
Fathers and Sons - 8:47
Finely Done - 4:50
New Bolero - 6:36
The Train and the River - 3:58
Get Out - 5:20
Cat Magnet - 6:10


John McNeil - trumpet
Jeremy Udden - alto saxophone
Aryeh Kobrinsky - bass
Vinnie Sperrazza - drums

Trumpeter John McNeil and saxophonist Jeremy Udden began working together in an effort to expand on their concepts of composition, sound, and group interplay. Instead of following the tried and true methods of ensembles playing ahead and then pushing each other with increasing frenzied energy, the two decided to eschew common histrionics, perform fully rehearsed tunes, and increase their collective dynamic range, helped in part by a drummer only playing brushes. Their group Hush Point and it's self titled recording present an ensemble - also featuring drummer Aryeh Kobrinsky and drummer Vinnie Sperrazza - that keeps a vital energy through concentration, group interaction, and a focused sound.