Hush Point III

SSC1457 2017-01-20

Track List

Rhythm Method - 3:40
Wilbur - 6:56
It's a Pocketbook - 2:33
Azmari Bar - 6:05
PG-13 - 3:26
Suite: Cautiously Pessimistic - 3:04
Suite: More Than You Know - 6:13
Suite: Snappy - 4:38
Journey's End - 3:24


Jeremy Udden - saxophones
John McNeil - trumpet
Aryeh Kobrinsky - bass
Anthony Pinciotti - drums

For over four years, the collective ensemble and de facto workshop known as Hush Point has been developing a unique approach to jazz performance. The quartet of trumpeter John McNeil, saxophonist Jeremy Udden, bassist Aryeh Kobrinsky and drummer Anthony Pinciotti have invested themselves in broadening their expression with musical puzzles and exercises that become brilliant compositions featuring a high level of musicianship and group interplay. Hush Point’s evolution can be heard on their innovative third recording, Hush Point III.