Music for September

SSC1342 2013-03-26

Track List

Spring Song - 7:15
Mazurka op.67 no.4 - 3:50
All the Things You Are - 6:16
Sinfonia No. 11 in G minor BWV 797 - 5:15
Epilogue - 1:14
Birdlike - 5:27
Body and Soul - 7:14
San Felio - 6:47
My Romance - 5:44
Andantino in modo de canzona - 2:41


Vadim Neselovskyi - piano

Morewonderful players seem to come into the jazz scene all the time. This is indeed a rich time to be a jazz musician or a jazz fan. From my vantage point as a bandleader and educator, I am fortunate to see pretty much all the up and coming talents as soon as they start to get noticed. But there are new stars, and there are new stars. It is a very rare occasion when a truly original player and writer emerges from the crowd. The very rst time I met Vadim Neselovskyi, I knew he was his own man. He made an appointment to see me and presented a demo recording of his band. One listen sold me, and soon after I managed to see his group at a small club.  The music was so new and fresh, I couldn't imagine where he had gotten all these ideas. Naturally, I didn't just let this go by, so I asked him to be in my band for the next few years. During that time, Vadim contributed a number of original compositions, some of the most important of our repertoire. And, I don't think I have ever met an improvisor who has more surprises in store. Every Vadim solo is a new exploration. 

Now I am really pleased that Vadim has recorded a CD of his own music. I would have expected him to put together a band, perhaps, but he has chosen a solo project with a powerful concept. His background in classical music and his individual take on jazz composition has produced a fascinating fusion of classical and jazz traditions. Every piece is captivating and when I listen to the whole recording, I quickly get lost in the music and it's like time stops. Vadim is truly a genius, and a player I feel very fortunate to have gotten to know. You can't ask for a better ""rst record"" to provide the chance to get to know this great artist.

Gary Burton