SSC1667 2022-06-17

Track List

Intro to Odesa Railway Station - 0:51
Odesa Railway Station - 5:05
Winter in Odesa - 5:12
Potemkin Stairs - 5:18
Acacia Trees - 6:23
Waltz of Odesa Conservatory - 4:08
Odesa 1941 - 5:44
Intro to Jewish Dance - 1:24
Jewish Dance - 4:13
Interlude 1 - 1:00
My First Rock Concert - 8:00
Interlude 2 - 1:07
The Renaissance of Odesa - 7:04


Vadim Neselovskyi - piano

The world at large has been inundated with news from the recent Russian incursion into the country of Ukraine. While the storms of war gather, pianist and composer Vadim Neselovskyi chooses to remind people of the country’s beauty and cultural legacy. More specifically, Neselovskyi looks to his hometown on the Black Sea to inspire his new solo recording, Odesa: A Musical Walk Through a Legendary City. // The recording of Odesa was made in the acoustically astonishing Sendesaal in Bremen, Germany. Neselovskyi had made an impression on Jazzahead and Radio Bremen’s Peter Schulze on an earlier tour date. When Neselovskyi approached Schulze about the Odesa project, Schulze offered the pianist an opportunity of three days in the Sendesaal, two to record alone on stage with on the hall’s exquisite piano and the third as the Sendesaal’s first in-person concert after the initial pandemic lockdown. The performance was also broadcast on Radio Bremen.