Magic Beans

SSC1338 2013-02-26

Track List

Harold Land - 4:12
Magic Beans - 5:36
Paraphrase - 5:43
La Portuguesa - 4:45
Further Away - 6:41
Benny's Crib - 4:21
Kenny Drew - 7:02
Flying Saucer - 3:45
Jackie McLean - 4:49
Vanished - 5:04


Benny Green - piano
Peter Washington - bass- acoustic
Kenny Washington - drums

My father introduced me to Jazz. the first lean melodies played by a trumpet and saxophone front line that he played for me were the 1947 Dial recordings of Charlie Parker's 'Dewey Square' and 'Scrapple From
The Apple'. as i became curious and listened more, i soon began noticing that two individual, uniquely timbered voices playing a melody together can somehow create an enchanting axis -- that the pairing of two horns can actually convey virtually every nuance inherent to interpersonal relationship.
a breathtaking degree of depth and subtlety to this palette was developed and can be heard in the classic Blue Note label recordings of the mid 1950's through the late '60's. this Blue Note era, essentially beginning with 'Horace Silver And The Jazz Messengers' in 1954 and culminating in Lee Morgan's 'Caramba' in 1968,
documents the achievement of a distinctly characteristic sound and feeling. various combinations of trumpeters such as Kenny Dorham, Blue Mitchell, Donald Byrd, Lee Morgan, Tommy Turrentine and Freddie Hubbard together with saxophonists like Dexter Gordon, Jackie McLean, Hank Mobley, Tina Brooks, Wayne Shorter and Joe Henderson set the tone of these gatherings. something magical took place on these recordings - the harmonies invoke a healing vibration and carry a life-arming message which is timeless and pure.
i intentionally seek to write and play in ways that bridge the sound and feeling of the classic Blue Note records into the present. i want to translate some aspects of those two-horn quintets, such as the 'rub' of Lee Morgan's trumpet together with Jackie McLean's saxophone ('Lee-Way'), to the instrumental conguration of piano, bass and drums. i feel that an artist's authentic representation of what resonates clearly within themselves is the essence of what one may voice directly and with honesty.
i worked with a passion towards grooming myself for my dream, which was to be invited by Art Blakey to be a Jazz Messenger. i was honored to share Art's bandstand 25 years ago with a dear friend and brother of rare musical integrity, Peter Washington. he along with the most knowledgeable Jazz musician I know of today, the great Kenny Washington, embody the resounding, living heritage of the music. they understand what i'm reaching for and they've chosen to support my eorts. i compose with them in mind. it's a tremendous pleasure to play with these gentlemen, and i feel that they bring out my best.