Benny's Crib

SSC1589 2020-06-26

Track List

Tivoli - 2:09
Central Park South - 3:09
Coral Keys - 4:09
My Girl Bill - 3:47
Harold Land - 3:08
Did We Try? - 1:56
Seascape - 4:38
My One and Only Love - 5:11
Something In Common - 4:25
For Tomorrow - 4:58
Benny’s Crib - 2:38


Benny Green - piano
David Wong - bass
Aaron Kimmel - drums
Anne Drummond - flute, alto flute, bass flute
Veronica Swift - vocals
Josh Jones - conga

I planned Benny’s Crib to be a continuation of the ensemble cast I’d presented on Then and Now, which is my working trio augmented by three guest performers, flautist Anne Drummond, vocalist Veronica Swift and percussionist Josh Jones for a few of the selections, as a further extensions of my basic instrumental palette of piano, bass and drums. With Anne’s flutes and Veronica’s voice, I like to “stack” or “layer” a virtual “few” of them to make chords and counterpoint, sometimes doubling the clusters I play on the piano with my right hand. // Bassist David Wong has now worked in my band longer than anyone, seven years, and again lends his impeccable service to Benny’s Crib. The lone variation in personnel from the previous album is our new drummer, Aaron Kimmel, who we love.