Family Tree

CAM5046 2012-08-28

Track List

Bibo Babo - 06:51
Tern - 05:17
The Hexagram - 05:50
Creeper - 05:30
Jurassic - 02:24
Family Tree - 06:28
Stritch - 02:45
Mirror Pond - 05:49
Moot - 05:46
Julian - 04:27
Max Alert - 01:03
Carnival Express - 08:01


Paul McCandless - oboe, bass clarinet, flute
Ralph Towner - guitar - classical, piano, synthesizer
Glen Moore - double bass
Mark Walker - drums, percussion, synthesizer

The second youth of Oregon, which coincides with their landing several years ago at CAM Jazz, continues to hold great surprises. The joy of playing together again, serving music, going into the recording studio with the same intensity of their early work, leaves us wonderfully amazed still to this day. Family Tree is an album that expresses gratitude and reinforces once again the relationship between Oregon and their endless blanket of fans, the faces and people who have made this long journey one of the most exciting musical experiences in the history of modern jazz. The jazz heard in Family Tree has the colors and the aroma of the Mediterranean, a European flow, which gives life to an emotional journey into the world of Oregon.