Quest For Freedom

SSC1266 2010-09-21

Track List

Pendulum - 14:06
Jung - 8:26
Vendetta - 5:28
WTC - 12:50
Port Ligat - 11:15
Enfin - 9:08
The Sky Is The Limit - 13:51


Richie Beirach - piano
Jim McNeely - arrangments
Dave Liebman - tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
Hr Big Band of Frankfurt Radio - orchestra

Partnerships in music are very special things. Pianist Richie Beirach and saxophonist Dave Liebman have been connected through music for nearly four decades, most notably as members of the jazz collective Quest. On the new Sunnyside CD Quest for Freedom, Beirach and Liebman forge a new partnership with the inimitable arranger Jim McNeely and the marvelous Hr Big Band of the Frankfurt Radio in a breathtaking and powerful musical journey.


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