SSC1122 2003-09-23

Track List

Shortly George - 5:41
Tickle Bath - 6:58
Snow Day - 4:35
On A Clear Day - 5:54
Renewal - 6:11
Anubis - 10:47
Soft Spoken - 8:20
Twelve, Over And Under - 4:46
Conversation - 5:02
Cosmos - 3:46


Caris Visentin - english horn, oboe
Marko Marcinko - drums, percussion
Tony Marino - acoustic bass, stick bass
Dave Liebman - soprano &tenor sax, tin whistle, inian fute, song notes
Vic Juris - electric & acoustic guitar

Painting by Sam Bjorklund


An Alumni of Miles Davies and Elvin Jones bands, Dave Liebman needs no introduction, he's a widely recognized master musician. David Liebman's artistic growth has always been intrinsically linked to maintaining a working group in order to frame each particular stage of his musical evolution.
"After years of playing together, the Liebman Group is a closely-attuned band that plays challenging, colorful music, that seems capable of drawing the most blase of audiences into its orbit." Larry Nai-All About Jazz