Duos With Lee

SSC1219 2009-07-28

Track List

Elande No. 1 (F#) - 02:23
Elande No. 2 (Bb) - 02:44
Elande No. 3 (A) - 02:03
Elande No. 4 (B) - 02:35
Elande No. 5 (D) - 01:12
Elande No. 6 (G#) - 01:27
Merka Tikva - 07:07
Elande No. 7 (F) - 01:57
Elande No. 8 (G) - 01:59
Elande No. 9 (E) - 02:07
Elande No. 10 (Free for Paree) - 04:21
No Lee - 3:53
Trees - 6:01


Dan Tepfer - piano
Lee Konitz - saxophone

"The best way to hone a craft is through apprenticeship to a master.Occasionally, there is a give and take between the two involved that can foster mutual growth and exploration.
Legendary saxophonist Lee Konitz has never shied from opportunities to play with far younger musicians to both challenge himself and to pass on knowledge garnered over his extraordinary career.
On the new CD DuosWith Lee, Konitz partners with an extremely talented musician 50 years his junior, pianist Dan Tepfer. Konitz is no stranger to duo recordings and finds a receptive accomplice in Tepfer who can follow Konitz’s renowned melodic flights and provide his own intriguing ruminations.While Konitz’s career is well known, Tepfer is an up and coming performer who has received much critical attention over his short career. The Brooklyn based pianist was born in Paris to American parents and took to music early. He has won numerous awards for his playing and has collaborated with a number of highly regarded musicians including Steve Lacy, Bob Brookmeyer and Charles McPherson. Duos With Lee finds two musicians at two very different points of their careers joining together to improvise and make a vibrant musical statement."


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