SSC1003 1983-01-01

Track List

I Want To Be Happy - 9:42
The Night Has A Thousand Eyes - 4:54
Counter-Point - 2:19
Dovetall - 7:45
Sweet Georgia Brown - 6:21
Alone Together - 7:04
Cherokee - 9:11
Penthouse Serenade - 3:27
Play Fiddie Paly - 8:04


Lee Konitz - alto sax, soprano sax, tenor sax, vocal
Harold Danko - piano
Jay Leonhart - bass

"Konitz has conceived an album of mostly standard tunes that is primarily concerned with extracting new or different feelings from melodies you've heard for many years. The resulting music is quiet, fragile, and reflective, yet abstract. Its beauty is in the sound of improvised artistic interaction between three very compatible players." (Russ Musto/New Music Catalog)

cover - original painting by Chris Coffey