SSC1214 2009-04-07

Track List

Overture - 3:24
Sun - 5:00
Waves - 11:23
Magic - 9:16
Generations - 6:04
Ghosts - 9:15
Fractal - 4:45
Break - 1:24
Moon - 6:38


Miles Okazaki - guitar
Miguel Zenon - alto saxophone
David Binney - alto saxophone
Christof Knoche - alto saxophone
Jon Flaugher - acoustic bass
Dan Weiss - drums
Jen Shyu - vocals

"The latest generation of creative musicians has become increasingly
involved in the intermingling of written composition and improvisation. Guitarist Miles Okazaki has provided a great example of what the blending of structure and freedom can achieve in his latest CD, Generations.Okazaki is an original composer who puts a lot of thought into his work. The music provides a perfect lab for his experiments in blending rhythmic, melodic and harmonic elements.
Okazaki’s ensemble features a unique lineup of three saxophones (David Binney, Miguel Zenon and Christof Knoche), vocalist Jen Shyu, bassist Jon Flaugher and drummer Dan Weiss. All tracks were recorded live in the studio without interruption. This allows the listener to experience the music as an entire piece that blends elements
together from song to song. Generations is effective as a sweeping creative composition and as an assemblage of amazing soloists working in a forward looking musical context."


"the joy of Generations is that while cosmic arithmetists will have a field day, there's plenty for anyone who just likes to hear great soloists burn while tumbling rhythms wash overhead."
-- NPR Music, "The Year's Best New Jazz (So Far)"

"Rarely does even a minute elapse on Generations where the emphatic first impression that the composer has a rare acuity for form, rhythm and harmonic movement is not reinforced. Ditto that for Okazaki's skills as a guitarist, the most impressive of which is his somewhat paradoxical ability to be commanding and understated at the same time."

-- Downbeat Magazine

"a spectacular achievement in both conception and performance. . .the music is fresh and exciting and remarkably organic. . . it is pure bliss to hear an artist striving and succeeding to stretch the boundaries of music and imagination."


"It's no small feat that Generations unfolds as gracefully as a sunrise, yet also contains the tension, drama, and chaos of a raging storm. Meanwhile, Jen Shyu's wordless vocals keep the music anchored in human experience and lift it into an ethereal realm."

-- Seattle Weekly