Fraise Vanille

SSC3077 2008-03-04

Track List

Le Tourbillon - 2:43
Les Mots De Rien (Avec Vincent Delerm) - 2:03
Adieu Ma Vie - 2:01
La Vie S'envole - 2:58
Tout Morose - 3:31
La Vie De Cocagne - 2:37
Les Autoroutes - 2:35
J'ai La Mémoire Qui Flanche - 2:47
La Peau Léon - 2:17
Moi Je Préfère - 3:21
A Travers Notre Chambre - 4:34
Jamais Je Ne T'ai Dit... (Avec Marie-France) - 4:03
Caresse-Moi J'adore Ça - 3:34
Notre Folle Jeunesse - 2:30
Minuit Orly - 4:48
Les Mensonges - 3:39
Nous Vivions Deux (Avec Serge Rezvani) - 2:02
Blues Indolent (Vague Vague) - 3:52
La Bécasse (Avec Katerine) - 1:35


Helena - vocals

For her new album Fraise Vanille, the gorgeous Helena Noguerra has recorded 19 of Serge Rezvani's songs. The songs of Bassiak (the Russian word for 'vagabond'), resounded again; Bassiak was the pseudonym that Serge Rezvani had taken when he was a painter, at the time when his games for voice and guitar – conceived for the wife he loved, and known only to their friends: Boris Vian, François Truffaut, Francesca Solleville, Jeanne Moreau… – left the privacy of their circle to reach the film-world. InTruffaut's Jules et Jim, Jeanne Moreau sang Le Tourbillon. Anna Karina sang Jamais je ne t’ai dit que je t’aimerai toujours in Godard's Pierrot le fou. Later Jeanne Moreau sang them in the studio.Rezvani had just discovered a new performer; with this came the discovery that Helena was also his secret correspondent. She already knew that he was Bassiak, the author of childhood delights hummed by her mother's voice; it was he who had written "Fraisevanille" (the way her ear had heard it, pronounced by a friend listening to the songs with her)… Helena was behind this album; it was her idea, her project, which brought these two creators together.


This collection of French chansons pairs the voice of Helena Noguerra with the songs of Serge Rezvani. Ross Boissoneau, JAZZIZ - May 2008 read the full article

Vocalist Helena Noguerra goes by only her easier-to-spell first name on stage and on recordings like her latest, Fraise Vanille.
JAZZIZ - May 2008 read the full article