Love And The Beat Vol. 2

SSC3608 2005-06-28

Track List

Le Claqueur De Doigts - 3:06
Du Jazz Dans Le Ravin - 2:10
Coco And Co - 3:00
Black Trombone - 2:36
Requiem Pour Un C... - 2:49
Joanna - 2:02
Les Sambassadeurs - 2:03
Lunatic Asylum - 3:23
Ma Lou Marilou - 2:40
Marilou Reggae (Featuring Spydaman) - 4:04
Lola Rastaquouere - 3:49
La Nostalgie Camarade (Dub Style) - 3:57
You're Under Arrest - 4:13
No Comment (Dax Riders Remix) - 5:37
Aeroplanes (Readymade's Bold Mix) - 5:19
Sea Sex And Sun (Demon Ritchie Remix) - 5:37
Love On The Beat (Remix By Mone) - 3:02

Serge Gainsbourg experimented in a multitude of musical genres during his lifetime and left behind a recorded legacy that continues to interest and inspire new generations of listeners today. This two-volume collection, by arguably the ultimate icon of French pop, offers a wonderful view of his diverse musical interests. The first volume features some of the best known songs in the Gainsbourg canon, including “Comic Strip,” “Ford Mustang,” “Ballade de Melody Nelson,” and an excellent remix of the classic, “Je t’aime…moi non plus.” The second volume spans a wider range from styles including his early jazz explorations to his work with dub pioneers Sly & Robbie on “Lola Rastoquère.” With such a broad scope of work, it is very easy to understand why Gainsbourg has had such a lasting influence on music around the world.


Love and the Beat, Vol. 2 picks up where its predecessor left off, being not so much a sequel as a direct continuation with overlapping years. Given how few of Serge Gainsbourg's recordings are available in the United States, this is a second treasure trove of his European hits, but it's not as satisfying as Vol. 1 because of the inclusion of numerous remixes rather than original versions. This does not mean, however, that Love and the Beat, Vol. 2 is without merit. Indeed, the inclusion of "Du Jazz dans le Ravin," "Joanna," "Lunatic Asylum," "Coco and Co.," "Requiem pour un C...," "Black Trombone," and "You're Under Arrest" from 1987 make it quite desirable. Of the remixes, the Dax Riders' take on "No Comment" is the most satisfying and the "Dub Style" mixes of "Lola Rastaquouère" and "La Nostalgie Camarade" are interesting if not necessarily compelling. Still, for the price, these two volumes make an excellent introduction to the work of a nearly mythical figure in European pop.
Thom Jurek, All Music Guide