Corridor to the Limits

SSC1043 1990-01-01

Track List

To Start Again - 7:48
A Quiet Place - 7:25
Personal Space - 8:29
Swinging 'Till The Girls Come Home - 6:46
Summary - 7:32
The Magical Look In Your Eyes - 4:49
Short Subject - 10:01
Corridor To The Limits - 7:56
Fall - 3:19
City Slicker - 8:19


Rufus Reid - bass
Harold Land - tenor sax
Victor Lewis - drums
Rob Schneiderman - piano


"Reid has produced a subtle gem in Corridor To The Limits. He and Lewis keep time like fine watches as Land blows in and out of the tunes in vibrant, poetical style. But the true unsung treat on the album is Schneiderman with his affecting, swinging, Monk-like piano delicacy." (Geary Kaczorowski/Schwann)