Portrait In Black And White

SSC1072 1996-01-01

Track List

Lullaby Of The Leaves - 8:38
Danny Boy - 4:42
What Is This Thing Called Love - 5:04
Liebeslied - 6:42
Retrato Em Branco E Preto - 6:37
Siciliano - 6:36
Just In Time - 6:17
Pavane - 4:22
The Dolphin - 5:52
Dance Only With Me - 5:22
Vocalise - 5:14


Eddie Higgins - piano
James Martin - drums
Don Wilner - bass

This disc reflects Higgins's musical interest, a range including standards, Brazilian compositions, folk music, and the classics. Drummer James Martin nicely covers the variety of rhythms in the program. Bassist Don Wilmer, of Miami, is one of the rare symphony musicians capable of first rate jazz. Much of the program has a Blanton - Ellington feel, rather than the usual piano-with-rhythm." (Art Hilgart / The Journal Of The IAJRC)