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Anzic Records is a New York City based recording label specializing in good music. We began releasing recordings in 2005. We strive to provide our artists with everything they need to achieve commercial success for their artistic efforts. We believe musicians are entitled to a much larger share of the financial rewards than has traditionally been available to them from the music recording industry. We believe musicians must, and can, make significant contributions, apart from making music, to the benefit of their careers and, to this end, we expect the musicians we work with to want to acquire the fullest possible understanding of all aspects of our joint enterprise. For those curious about the origin of the name “Anzic”…it is a contraction of “ANat [Cohen] and muZIC [i.e."music" spelled subject to artistic license]…devised by Ms. Cohen…whose debut album “Place & Time” was the first Anzic Records release. We think it fitting to retain the name “Anzic” to honor her for catalyzing the creation of our company. In the hierarchy of interactions, we are willing and able to do transactions, open to conversations, and always looking for relationships.