The Terror End Of Beauty

SSC1536 2018-11-23

Track List

Farther Unknown - 5:50
3000 Worlds - 4:31
The Green Book Blues - 5:02
Unseen Advance Of The Aquifarian - 5:41
Prototaxite - 3:01
Drumtion - 2:29
Redemption Song - 6:17
Five Points - 3:01
The Terror End Of Beauty - 6:32
Tuljapur Handprint - 3:04


JT Lewis - drums
Melvin Gibbs - bass
Brandon Ross - guitar

The runner dashes toward the cliff’s edge, his hang glider’s wings rattling above. He has reached the crest and, before he can think to stop, he is falling. For those few seconds before the wind mercifully sweeps him away, he is in a freefall, in a state of exhilaration, heightened awareness and, perhaps, terror. Yet, he has committed himself and had to push through the fear in order to soar. The members of Harriet Tubman find this an apt analogy for their musical approach. For over two decades, guitarist Brandon Ross, bassist Melvin Gibbs and drummer JT Lewis have thrown themselves into making music that is sans genre, infective and overpowering. Their years of experience playing alongside and driving many of the improvised music, jazz and rock’s most celebrated ensembles have prepared them to run this gauntlet, The Terror End of Beauty.