No Filter

SSC1522 2018-10-26

Track List

Vicious - 6:42
Lurker - 6:59
No Road - 6:37
Chaos Reigns - 6:21
Ghostly - 6:36
Cotton - 3:15
You Are On My Mind - 5:54


Jerome Sabbagh - tenor saxophone
Greg Tuohey - guitar
Joe Martin - bass
Kush Abadey - drums

Sabbagh and Tuohey have put a band together. Joe Martin, one of today’s great bassists and an alumnus of Sabbagh’s quartet, was an obvious choice. Drummer Kush Abadey impressed when he came to a session at Sabbagh’s house; his commitment, versatility and musicianship cemented his position in the quartet. // The two leaders knew they wanted to record an album of original pieces. Following the success of The Turn in the audiophile community, they also aimed to release the best sounding record possible (No Filter will be available in audiophile vinyl, as well as high resolution download). // Recording direct to analog tape, all in the same room, without edits or overdubs, required some preparedness. Following a tour last fall, the band knew the material and veteran engineer Farber mixed on the fly. This urgency and directness are very much representative of the band’s esthetics. The goal was to capture the moment and produce an album in which there is as little barrier as possible between the artists and listeners.