SSC1166 2007-04-24

Track List

Middle Earth - 9:19
Rooftops - 4:12
Moon/Sun - 10:38
Stand Up - 5:56
Pogo - 9:33
As One - 8:40
Hamra - 6:45
Eye of the Storme - 7:00


Jerome Sabbagh - tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
Ben Monder - guitar
Joe Martin - acoustic bass
Ted Poor - drums

The Jerome Sabbagh Quartet plays modern, organic music that can appeal to listeners beyond the traditional jazz audience as well as regular jazz fans. While he considers himself a jazz musician and is very much attached to improvising, Jerome has grown increasingly influenced by many types of music. This breadth of influences is evident in all original tracks assembled on Pogo.
In guitar virtuoso Ben Monder, esteemed bassist Joe Martin and the incredible young drummer Ted Poor, Jerome Sabbagh has found the ideals partners to develop his music.


Pogo delivers one of the year's strongest ensemble performances. Peter Margasak, DOWNBEAT - July 2007
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Maybe this music should be dubbed"the new cool".
Owen Cordle, JazzTimes - July 2007
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Under a coolness that is felt on the surface of the music, saxophonist Jerome Sabbagh creates a tension that is expertly controlled. However, that which seems to be reticence turns out to be but the origin of many fiery emotions.
Budd Kopman, all.about.jazz - August 2007
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