Freedom Suite Ensuite

SSC1495 2018-01-19

Track List

The 5:30 PM Dive Bar Rendezvous - 8:04
Freedom Suite Part I - 4:16
Interlude - 0:55
Freedom Suite Part II - 4:52
Interlude - 0:56
Freedom Suite Part III - 4:09
Grant S. - 6:17
Nichols And Nicolas - 5:33
You Or Me? - 4:30
Dark And Stormy - 4:27
Fine And Dandy - 4:29
Speak A Gentle Word - 4:19
Little Girl Blue - 2:36


Clovis Nicolas - bass
Brandon Lee - trumpet
Bruce Harris - trumpet
Grant Stewart - tenor saxophone
Kenny Washington - drums

The concept behind Freedom Suite Ensuite came from a succession of regular gigs that Nicolas participated in with a two saxophone, chord-less quartet. He began to find a new identity for his bass within this assemblage, including an increased influence on the music’s direction, expanded range of expression and an added focus on soloing. There were also many examples of similar ensembles whose recordings began to inspire his conception more and more, including John Coltrane and Don Cherry’s Avant Garde, Ron Carter’s Etudes and Ben Wolfe’s 13 Sketches. Freedom Suite Ensuite is a recording of Nicolas’s efforts in this formation and a tribute to the musician who exemplifies playing free within a form, saxophone great Sonny Rollins.