Cosmic Adventure

SSC1446 2016-09-09

Track List

Maze Walker - 4:12
Dig It - 6:16
100,000 Hours - 4:51
Troublant Boléro - 5:24
Mr. Tix - 5:32
Misty - 4:23
Nil\'s Landing - 3:50
King of Sorrow - 6:13
Beam Me to Mars - 5:58


Scott Tixier - violin
Yvonnick Prene - harmonica
Glenn Zaleski - piano
Luques Curtis - bass
Justin Brown - drums
Pedrito Martinez - conga
Chris Potter - tenor saxophone

Performing on an instrument that has become a rarity in contemporary jazz, violinist Scott Tixier has put his individuality to his advantage. There have been ups and downs on the way to where he is, which is natural on all of life’s paths. Overall, he has enjoyed and wants to share the bounty of his Cosmic Adventure. The electrifying new band that Tixier showcases on his recording is made up of some of the leading lights of this new jazz generation. Having played with Tixier since he and Tixier were teenagers, harmonica virtuoso Yvonnick Prene is the perfect foil for Tixier’s violin. Pianist Glenn Zaleski is a friend and neighbor, not to mention one of the best emerging pianists in New York. The varied and instinctual playing of bassist Luques Curtis matches his tremendous tone, while the incredible ability and maturity of Justin Brown’s drumming is suited perfectly for the ensemble, because he can deliver energy and dynamics without overpowering the violin.