Brooklyn Bazaar

SSC1311 2012-03-13

Track List

Keep In Touch - 6:04
Bushwick Party - 5:46
Arawaks - 4:13
Elephant Rose - 6:57
String Theory Part 1 - 6:07
Miss Katsu - 4:59
Facing Windows - 7:20
Shopping With Mark F - 5:18
Roach Dance - 5:16


Scott Tixier - violin
Douglas Bradford - guitar
Jesse Elder - piano, rhodes
Arthur Vint - drums
Emilie Weibel - vocals
Massimo Biolcati - acoustic bass

The violin has a long history inWestern music, including an important part in the early stages of jazz. Even with this history, the instrument hasn’t been much of a fixture the in contemporary jazz scene. The French bred, Brooklyn based Scott Tixier presents his new Sunnyside CD Brooklyn Bazaar as an introduction to a new improvisational voice on the violin. The wide-ranging program shows the tremendous potential for the violin in jazz and improvised settings under the control of a modern and highly skilled technician.