En Vie

SSC1438 2016-04-16

Track List

Quoi de plus anodin (Empty Pockets) - 2:53
Course - 4:09
Enfant (Infant Eyes) - 6:09
En Vie - 3:55
Cette nuit (The Peacocks) - 8:22
A la mer tume - 4:28
Double face - 4:19
Tatie Cardy - 2:53
Prelude (Prelude to a Kiss) - 5:44
Satiesque - 5:40


Camille Bertault - vocals
Olivier Hutman - piano
Gildas Bocle - bass
Antoine Paganotti - drums

For Camille Bertault, the art of the lyric is just as important as the composition. The importance of telling a story with wit and sincerity became a high priority. Bertault also owes her ability to deliver these lyrics with such emotion and drama to her study of the theatrical. Her musicality is apparent in her solo transcriptions that brought her to the attention of the jazz world, but it really shines in her own compositions and arrangements. Bertault has been involved in the Paris jazz scene for some time, leading jam sessions and widening her base by hosting a web series for Japanese viewers who want to learn French and about Paris (she speaks Japanese, by the way). In her travels, Bertault was introduced to pianist Olivier Hutman by her friend Sara Lazarus. After a few gigs, they decided to record an album. Hutman assembled the rest of the rhythm section: bassist Gildas Boclé and drummer Antoine Paganotti. For En Vie, Bertault brought six original songs and four well-known standards. All of the lyrics that were recorded were written by the vocalist.