Camille Bertault

Since being discovered via the social networks (with more than 800 000 views and 30 000 followers on Facebook) where she sings the solos of the great jazz masters (such as her video of “Giant Steps” which instantly went viral), people have not stopped talking about Camille Bertault.
While pursuing her diploma in classical piano at the conservatory, Camille was also studying voice and theater at the same time. After graduating, she enrolled in the jazz department where she continued her studies in music theory, composition and improvisation. Driven by her passion for writing and literary composition, she wrote and published two musicals for the young audience. Camille then began singing her own French lyrics and poetry on jazz standards and, finally, on her own compositions. Her album “En Vie” offers a beautiful assembly of her writings, arrangements, and compositions which will be released by the New Yorker label Sunnyside on April 22, 2017

Après vingt ans de conservatoire piano, danse et chant, Camille monte deux pièces de théâtre musical jeune public produites à Paris, dans lesquelles elle chante et joue la comédie.

Elle a étudié et travaillé avec notamment Sara Lazarus, Pierre Bertrand, Eric Barret, Olivier Hutman, Franck Tortiller, Michal Urbaniak,... En février prochain son album "En vie" sortira sous le label "Sunnyside", composé de ses textes, compositions et standards arrangés.