The Opposite of Time

1444 2016-02-26

Track List

Times Are Tight - 3:49
And She Said - 4:14
Time If There Is Time - 3:21
Hands of the Rain - 3:20
Spoiled Child Blues - 3:32
Walk the Dog Before I Sleep - 3:46
Memphis Madeline - 3:27
After All the Gifts - 5:08
Tender Wheels - 3:05
Nothing - 3:31
Beneath the Coliseum - 6:10
Unspoiled - 1:33


Brian Cullman - vocals, guitar
Jimi Zhivago - guitar, organ, piano, octaphone, melodica, ukulele, tambourine
Jenni Muldaur - vocals
Glenn Patscha - vocals,organ,piano
Didi Gutman - keyboards
Byron Isaacs - bass,vocals
Leni Morrison - vocals
David Berger - drums
Tony Leone - drums, percussion
Aaron Johnson - drums
Rich Hinman - guitar - pedal steel
Jeff Hill - bass
Mike Sandoval - bass
Jake Jacobs - vocals
Murray Weinstock - vocals

Brian Cullman grew up in New York City with a radio glued to his ear and a passport tight in his fist. Over the years, that radio has gotten larger as the world has grown smaller, and he has been a frequent explorer of the world’s hidden musics, from Iran to Senegal, from Morocco to Trinidad, before coming home to his new album The Opposite of Time. There’s a long and tangled history behind the album that belies the ease and naturalness of the music, one that takes in years of bumping into and working with some of the most interesting musicians of the late twentieth and early twenty first century.