All Fires The Fire

SSC1196 2008-09-09

Track List

As A Man Gets Older - 2:55
The Promise - 4:10
Somebody Calling My Name - 2:18
Missing You By Miles - 3:48
Sweet Companion - 3:43
No God But God - 5:30
J’attends - 2:59
Somewhere Else - 4:38
The Secret Doors - 5:49
Goodnight - 2:53
In Return ~ Coda - 1:14


Brian Cullman - vocals, guitar
John Ellis - winds
Byron Isaacs - guitar
Tony Leone - drums, percussion
Fiona McBain - vocals
Glenn Patscha - piano, accordion, keyboards, guitar
Barry Reynolds - guitar
Oren Bloedow - acoustic bass

"“I started an album 8 or 9 years ago down in New Orleans, but never quite finished it. I got derailed by the various etceteras of life. Then, sometime in 2007, a friend who’d been a label executive called and said he’d been listening to tapes of the New Orleans’ sessions and wanted to release them. I was flattered, but it felt like old news. I got together with my friends from the band Ollabelle, and a sound started to take shape. I hadn’t been writing much, but new songs kept appearing, I’d stretch out my hand and they’d pull over, like a taxi. Once we got into the studio, we recorded as live as possible, just kept everything tied to the story and the feeling.”—Brian Cullman
“….Quietly devastating. Like Leonard Cohen backed by Garth Hudson
and The Band.” Soundfile (UK)
“Brian Cullman is that rarest of singer-song-writer-instrumentalist-composers - an artist whose intelligence doesn't overwhelm his humanity; an artist whose sensitivity doesn't undercut the fierce mind at work. Cullman
knows the star stuff that we're made of; our nobility, and our treachery, the way we deceive ourselves -- how our greatest loves go unrequited, the funny way our tears turn into laughter -- and back again.”
—Vernon Reid"


�.Quietly devastating. Like Leonard Cohen backed by Garth Hudson and The Band.

Soundfile (UK)