Riding the Moment

SSC1408 2015-06-09

Track List

Back on the Horse - 6:57
Fermenting - 6:32
Marching to a Different Drummer - 6:27
Setting Sail - 6:27
Vortex - 2:32
Broken Nest - 3:08
The Visit - 2:36
Wheels & Tracks - 8:24
Very Bari - 4:38
Gears - 5:09
Down the Rabbit Hole - 10:29
Quest - 12:37


Denny Zeitlin - acoustic piano, hardware & virtual synthesizers, keyboards
George Marsh - drums, percussion

It is a paradox that keeps many musicians honing their craft and revisiting past methods, perhaps with new techniques and tools, to create new and rewarding works. The legendary pianist/composer Denny Zeitlin has always been adept at transitioning from one musical idiom to another, as he has found inspiration in theĀ  sounds of the acoustic piano in different groupings, and electronic music. On the new recording Riding the Moment, Zeitlin returns to spontaneous composing utilizing electronic instruments along with the acoustic piano. His co-creator is the prodigious drummer and musical conceptualist George Marsh, with whom he collaborated on his first foray into the world of electronics during the late 1960s and 1970s.