Belleville Project

SSC1388 2015-03-31

Track List

MJH - 4:35
Belleville - 4:12
Jeremy - 5:23
Nico - 5:46
Epilogue - 4:19
11 - 4:38
Bibi - 5:10
I'm 39 - 2:25
Albert's Place - 1:47
Healing Process - 1:43


Jeremy Udden - alto saxophone, pump organ, prophet 5
Nicolas Moreaux - acoustic bass, toy piano
Robert Stillman - tenor saxophone, piano, pump organ
Pierre Perchaud - acoustic and electric guitar, banjo
RJ Miller - drums
Pete Rende - CS-60, prophet 5, pump organ, organ"

The meeting between New England born saxophonist/composer Jeremy Udden and the French bassist/composer Nicolas Moreaux was quite serendipitous. Udden was house-sitting in Paris and inquired via social media whether there were any musicians interested in playing a session. A session was quickly arranged where the saxophonist first met Moreaux. Out of their correspondence the idea for a new project formed naturally, in which they would work together to blend musical elements of French and American folk, rock, and film music into jazz composition. By a stroke of luck their idea fit into the guidelines of the competitive French American Jazz Exchange Grant (from the French American Cultural Exchange and the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation). They won the grant, giving them the finiancial means to turn their idea into reality. The outcome of their work is the Belleville Project, a name referring to the neighborhood in Paris where they recorded.