Jazz Meets the Classics

SSC4555 2014-08-05

Track List

Fantasia Impromptu - 6:05
Beethoven Peru - 10:06
Paquito Introduces Adagio - 0:43
Adagio - 6:04
Die Zauberclarinete - 6:06
Al Fin Te Vi - 2:43
Las Abejas - 8:55
Vals de la Media Hora - 7:32
Nocturno en la Celda - 6:30
Pa Bebo - 8:04
E minor Prelude - 6:36


Paquito D'Rivera - soprano saxophone - clarinet
Diego Urcola - trumpet - fluegelhorn
Alex Brown - piano
Oscar Stagnaro - electric bass
Arturo Stable - percussion
Mark Walker - drums
Pepe Rivero - piano

The border between classical and jazz music has always been a fluid one, with composers from each camp finding inspiration on both sides of the divide. The Grammy Award winning woodwind master Paquito D’Rivera has a long history with classical music, being raised on music spanning from Mozart to Ellington by his classical saxophonist father in Cuba. On his new recording – Jazz Meets the Classics, D’Rivera and his great ensemble have recorded intriguing arrangements of the classical repertoire of legendary composers, including Chopin, Beethoven and Mozart, for a jazz sextet.