Funk Tango

SSC4551 2007-05-22

Track List

Pere - 6:35
What About That? - 6:56
Revirado - 5:36
Contradanza - 3:05
Milonga 10 - 5:17
Last Waltz - 5:27
Funk-Tango - 7:09
Mariela's Dream - 6:48
La Yumba/Caravan - 8:01
Como un Bolero - 4:49
Giant Steps - 5:50


Paquito D'Rivera - alto saxophone, clarinet
Diego Urcola - trumpet
Ed Simon - piano
Alon Yavnai - piano
Fernando Otero - piano
Oscar Stagnaro - acoustic bass
Mark Walker - drums
Pernell Saturnino - percussion
Pablo Stagnaro - percussion
Hector del Curto - bandoneon

" The same principle could be applied to my working quintet, basically comprised of a typical jazz rhythm section, front-lined by two horns. This is the format that became my favorite vehicle of expression from my early days with Hilton Ruiz and Claudio Roditi while gigging around that breathtaking New York City of the 1980s. It’s what we call “the extended quintet”– all depending on the needs of the music to be played, the budget to be shared, and especially the considerable amount of friends willing to sit in playing the most dissimilar instruments imaginable, as well as contributing an eclectic variety of musical styles to our repertoire, ranging from cheering Cuban danzas and Brazilian sambas to Peruvian festejos, Venezuelan waltzes, and the dark melodies of impassionate tangos.

In addition to being our first self-produced CD, the present release also marks Diego Urcola’s brilliant recording debut as a valve trombonist. Those memorable days of recording at Manfred Knoop’s state-of-the-art studio also gave us the opportunity to reunite the current musicians of the quintet with former members and dearly appreciated old friends of the group, like Ed Simon, Daniel Freiberg, and Hector del Curto, as well as welcome-to-the-club newcomers, Pablo Stagnaro and Fernando Otero.

In other words, the Funk Tango project could work as a good answer to that famous question posed to Dave Brubeck while checking into a hotel on an early morning back in the ‘50s:
–How many in your quartet, sir?
–Whatever I want, my dear!!!


Mr. D�Rivera sounds genuinely compelled by the music, and by his ensemble, a so-called quintet that generally accommodates six members. ...
Mr. D�Rivera plays with extroverted vigor throughout the album, sounding especially inspired whenever his band tumbles into a knotty Afro-Caribbean groove, which is often.

Nate Chinen, The New York Times - May 2007
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This is spirited, intense and smartly arranged Latin Jazz...

Paul de Barros, DOWNBEAT - September 2007
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His work on clarinet puts him in the top five or so of current jazz- oriented clarinetists...
The fine trumpeter Diego Urcola makes his recording debut on valve trombone sounding particualry fluent on the boppish and mildly funky "What About That".

Scott Yanow, JAZZIZ - July 2007
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The title track is a slinky fusion of Argentine and African American musics that zips along at an exhilarating caffeinated tempo.

Ed Hazell, JAZZIZ - September 2007
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This CD should be considered one of the best of 2007 - the quality of the playing, compositions and arrangements are all of the highest order.

Scott Albin, JazzTimes - November 2007
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A fine, tightly wrought CD whose range , though unapologetically Latin, is considerable wider that its prescriptive title would suggest..

John McDonough, DOWNBEAT - October 2007
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