Revealing Essence

SSC1351 2014-01-21

Track List

Chant - 05:33
Night Plans - 04:44
Lago Whispered - 02:11
Danses de Travers I - 03:14
Danses de Travers II - 02:56
Lotus Blossom - 09:08
Meadows - 04:55
Saturation - 09:37
Thanks (For J-R) - 04:44


Brandon Ross - acoustic guitar/soprano guitar/banjo
Stomu Takeishi - acoustic bass guitar

The inspiring collaborative duo For Living Lovers features guitarist Brandon Ross and bassist Stomu Takeishi in moving musical dialogue. The duo has worked together for some time and in many settings. Their language has become unique to them, though there are elements of jazz, classical, and folk music. Revealing Essence, the duo’s first recording, is a marvelous view into their sound world, one built with a focus on space as much as sound.